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How to Re-Sharpen Oscillating Tool Blades


Sharp Pog oscillating saw blade sharpener - YouTube

In the last few years, the oscillating tool has become one of the most important and essential tools in construction projects, DIY, or carpenters toolbox. The main reason behind this is its versatility and unlimited options. Oscillating tools are capable of delivering extended and reusable services with its’ high-quality blade attachments reuse. This excellent multi-tool comprises of multiple attachments to the use of various blades. When the blades become blunt that doesn’t mean they are ineffective. You can sharpen the oscillating blades for the use of further jobs effectively.

You have to use a sharp and efficient oscillating blade to achieve the tightest jobs easily with fewer efforts. Recycling the blades can save money and time for you. In this article, I am going to show you about re-sharpening the oscillating tool blades.


Re-sharpening the oscillating tool blades

How to sharpen a multi tool blade - YouTube A sharp oscillating tool blade is ideal for doing your task easily. Today I will show you how to re-sharpen oscillating tool blades:


Symptoms of a dull oscillating tool blade

FEIN MultiMaster Oscillating Tool & Tool Sharpening - YouTube Before you move on to re-sharpen your oscillating tool blade, you need to recognize and find out the dull oscillating tool blade. Sometimes we don’t understand which blade has become dull and take a sharp blade for re-sharpening. That will not help you out and you will waste your money and time. Here are some symptoms of a dull oscillating tool blade to help you recognize:

  • You can identify the color and shade of the blade. If you see the blade is shiny and light that means it needs to be sharpened. Generally, the sharp blades look gloomy when you will compare them with dull ones.
  • The second sign that you need to look at is the reflected light. The blade which becomes dull is traversed with a noticeable line that reveals the light.
  • When you are working with your oscillating tool, there will be some noise and vibration. But when the blade of your tool becomes dull, it will worsen the more noise and will vibrate excess than usual.
  • You will see smoke while operating with an oscillating tool that has a dull blade.

The dull blade of an oscillating tool will make your project a lot of loss in time and precision. It can even damage the finishing of your work a lot. So, what you can do is, reuse the blades for their extended services. You can also read this article's best central vacuum powerhead.


Sharpening the blades of an oscillating tool

SharpHog oscillating saw blade sharpener. New name Sharp Pog - YouTube The way of sharpening oscillating tool blades may differ because there are multiple ways to sharpen various blades and they are based on the brands. The process of some brands’ oscillating tool blade sharpening is different than other brands. So, it’s better to follow the product guideline that is given in the user manual which enables the blade’s durability.

So many oscillating tool users think that they can sharpen the blades quickly through a multi-blade or oscillating saw blade sharpener. But this process will cost you a lot of money as you will have to purchase the sharpening device.

Here I suggest you some of the less expensive sharpening processes to sharpen the carbide blade:

Wet grinding method

After using this method, you will see the blades in a similar way they are manufactured. The process is very simple; just utilize a precise grit diamond cutting wheel on the automatic grinder. In this process, the procedure catches the tip to sharpen each tooth of the blade and enhance the raggedness. 

Manual sharpening

Sharpening an oscillating tool blade manually is the most efficient way to sharpen it. It will take more time and labor than other processes. It is best to sharpen the tooth of the blade one by one. I want to remind you of the most important thing about this process, there are no shortcuts and you have to rigorously control each stroke to ensure an equal sharpness.



Sharpening the blade of your oscillating tool is just one way to extend their service time. At some point, it is better not to re-sharpen the blade and it will be better to buy a new blade for your tool. But when you have a costly and good quality of the blade, you can re-sharpen them several times. Finally, if you are a household handyman, you must learn the sharpening process to avoid the cost of purchasing new blades for your oscillating tool.


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