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How to Cut Tile Using an Oscillating Tool


Tools that use its oscillating motion to finish any type of work is called an oscillating tool. This tool is capable of doing a lot of tasks and that’s why it’s also called multi-tool.

Tile cutting is one of the many tasks of an oscillating tool. Cutting tile is a skillful work but, you can do it very easily with an oscillating tool.


Cutting tile using an oscillating tool

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An oscillating tool can be a very excellent tool for cutting tile. There are some very important things you must know before you start cutting.

In this article I am going to help you with some ideas that will help you to cut tiles with an oscillating tool:


Why Use an Oscillating Tool to Cut Tile

It takes a lot of time to cut tile by hand. It also requires more energy to do it by hand. You will also need some extra money. Spending extra money on two or more tools or giving more physical effort is useless when you can do the same work with only one tool and in a very easy way with an oscillating tool.

We all know that manual tools are a lot softer than power tools. Power tools like an oscillating tool are more efficient and cost-effective also. I think you don’t need more reasons to choose an oscillating tool for tile cutting.


Choosing the ideal blade

The most important thing about cutting tile with an oscillating tool is choosing the proper blade for the job. 

When we cut tile with a tile cutter, we have to put the tile manually in the cutter and we also should check whether it is positioned correctly. This is necessary to cut it to the perfect shape and size. After so many cares, it is not sure that you will get your desired outcome.

With an oscillating tool, you don’t have to think about all these. The blades will accurately show you where you will have to cut which means it is sure that you can cut your tiles accurately every single time. If you want to clean your home properly then you can read this article I think it helps you.


Use a Tile Scrap

You can use your oscillating tool according to the blade you install in the tool. You can cut a whole lot of things with this tool such as pipes, metals, wood, etc. Your work will become a lot simpler by just using one tool.

You should use a tile scraper as your basis to guarantee perfectly sized tiles. You just need to place the tile under the scrap. The oscillating tool will trace around the scrap and that will result in a perfect duplicate.


Instructions to cut tile with an oscillating tool

Here I come up with some instructions for you about cutting tile with an oscillating tool:

  1. To cut a tile, place the appropriate blade on the oscillating tool. If you need to cut little edges, and E-Cut saw blade will work well. When you are about to cover several feet of tiles, go for the saw blade. It operates as a smaller circular saw.

  2. If your tool is a corded one, plug the oscillating tool into a power outlet. Corded oscillating tools work with electricity.

  3. Very carefully blot the surface of the tile that you want to cut. You must use exact measurements so that the tiles fit evenly when installed.

  4. You can put down the tile through a workbench. It will give you more space to make cuts. When you are using the oscillating tool as a little circular saw, you can plan above the edge of the tile that you are cropping for simple entrance. 

  5. Now, turn on the power button and turn the blades on. Your thumb should be resting on the button when you are holding the tool properly. The rest of your fingers will wrap around the tool from below. Now, move the tool sheet through the surface of the tile to begin the cut. It will cut away just in some seconds. 

  6. When you have completed your cut, just turn off the tool by pressing the power button once again.


Final verdict

To make your tile cutting experience simpler, just use an oscillating tool. An oscillating tool will save your precious time and money. These tools are reliable and you will feel very comfortable using them. They will always give you smoother results.

From time to time, the oscillating tool has been proven as the best tile cutting tool. By following the simple instructions, I hope you would be able to cut tile with your oscillating tool very easily and efficiently.

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