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How to Cut Metal Using an Oscillating Tool


An oscillating tool is a machine that allows you to cut pipes, tiles, and metals, both hard and soft. 

Among a lot of tasks, metal cutting is one of the most important tasks of an oscillating tool. Good and high quality of oscillating tools can be the best option for and DIYer. When you want to cut hard objects like metal, you need to choose the blade wisely for your tool. In the following article, you will come to know about some ways to cut metal with an oscillating tool.


Cutting metal using an oscillating tool

The right choice of blades and proper technique can help you to cut metal with an oscillating tool very easily. Let’s take a look at how to cut metal using an oscillating tool:


Why blade is important?

The very first thing you should do before start using an oscillating tool for cutting metal is, make sure to pair each job with the right metal cutting blades. You can go toolknows.com to know more.

You cannot cut metal with a blade that is specially designed for cutting wood. It will burn out faster if you are not able to use it properly. The main difference between a wood cutting blade and a metal cutting blade is in the teeth. Bi-metal blades have no offset on the teeth and they are smaller in size and can work in tough conditions. 

When you need to cut both wood and metal, a bi-metal is the right choice. Now, when you know why the blade is important, it’s time to know what type of blade is suitable for which task. Choose a plunge cut blade for straight cuts, a semi-circular blade for harder metals.


Plunge cut oscillating saw blades

It is one of the most common types of metal cutting oscillating tool that you will see. When you need to cut straight between something, this type of oscillating saw blades can be very good.

Sometimes you may need to cut through a rusted bolt or cut a pipe straight through. At those time plunge cut saw, blades can be very handy. The teeth of these blades are arranged in a straight row. This is the reason why they are best for making plunge cuts.

Plunge cut oscillating tool blades are best for cutting through non-ferrous and thin sheet metals. You can also find additional blades in different width. Some blades are specially designed for deeper cuts.


Semi-circular oscillating tool metal cutting blades

Semi-circular oscillating tool blades are best for cutting into hard metal. Their semi-circular design makes them very useful for making long, linear cuts.

You can find the different sizes of semi-circular blades just like the plunge cut oscillating saw blades. These blades are useful in achieving long and straight cuts. Besides that, a semi-circular oscillating tool metal cutting blade is good for square cut terminations and it also works well in around corners. These blades don’t have any teeth like bi-metal blades and there is less vibration. It makes it easier to control where the tool will move when you are using them.


Tips for cutting metal with your oscillating tool

With an oscillating power tool, you can easily cut through metal with no problem. However, there are some tips for you to help ensure the best result and also for getting the most from your oscillating tool.

It is a good idea to start your tool off at a low speed when you are cutting with your oscillating tool. When you feel comfortable with the material that you are cutting, gradually increase the speed and cut faster.

Do not force your tool and let it do most of the works. Applying too much pressure can wear out the blades. A good quality oscillating tool with a sharp blade can do the job without you’re a lot of force. 


Take safety while cutting

Safety is the most important thing while cutting metal with your oscillating tool. When you are cutting metal, small pieces of metal can fly during then and can get into your eyes and make you blind completely. To avoid this unwanted situation, wear safety glasses during the cut. 

You also should use gloves and shoes that are made of insulating materials like rubber. It will protect you in case of an electricity failure. One more thing, if your oscillating tool is a corded one, be careful about the cords that they don’t come between your cuts


Final thought

Oscillating tools have won over many users around the world due to their versatility. Cutting metal was never so easy before the oscillating tool was introduced. You can cut through metal like a hot knife through butter. 

I am sure your metal cutting skills will improve a lot if you can choose the blade right for your work. Following the tips that I have described above will help you to cut metal with your oscillating tool more easily.

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